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Sell Selang Industri Toyox

Specification of Selang Industri Toyox

Toyox Hose Industry Hose for Plant Equipment and Engine Parts     Machine Tool     Robot Assembly     Injection Machine     Printer Industrial Standard Products that have pressure and stable performance Oil Resistant, Durable, Lightweight and Easy to Hold No need to worry about pressure resilience! Working Pressure 1Mpa for all Sizes Good resistance to impact. Suitable for transportation is Vacuum Easy-to-cut hose Scissors. Restoration Shapes More Superior With Good Durability No Dioxin Emissions When Burned. Hold the Hack. Safe Used For Food Products TOYOX PRODUCTS:     TOYOSPRING HOSE     TOYOSPRAY HOSE     TOYOSPRAY HOSE     TOYOROCK HOSE     TOYORING HOSE     TOYOFOODS HOSE     TOYOSILCONE HOSE     TOYOTOP HOSE     ARROW HOSE     HITRUN     Etc.

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